Vacation in Cuba🇨🇺

Updated: May 2

Our Stay at Hotel Pelicano in the beautiful Cayo Largo, Cuba.

This year, in late February, I got the chance to go on a vacation to Cuba! It was gorgeous, and I love Cuban culture! The days were so sunny, and (dare I say it) almost too hot! Cayo Largo's Beaches were a nice change from the sad snowy climate this time of year in Canada.

art I made on the beach

Cayo Largo is a small tourist inhibited Island on the coast of mainland Cuba. We stayed at the lovely Hotel Pelicano. It was a nice mother-daughter vacation:) The Pelicano was the place to stay! It is by no means a 5 star hotel, but the experience I had there was! The rooms were clean, the showers weren't too cold (with good pressure), they gave us bottled water everyday, there was air conditioning, and a fridge. Considering imports are a bit of a bigger deal in Cayo Largo, I was pleasantly surprised to see that we didn't need anything else! They even put soap in our rooms. But, in the case of the workers on the resort, they may not be so fortunate. Knowing this, we made sure to bring extra toiletries to leave for the room maids! Tip: It's not mandatory but it is customary to tip all service people. But that was truly no problem for us as the workers did a great job. They made the resort feel like a second home; somewhere you'd always want to return. The only truly bad thing sometimes was the food! I ate so many ham and cheese sandwiches, that I thought I might become one! LOL. It seems like they try to do a mix of American and Cuban cuisine... I've heard authentic cuban food is amazing, tho!

This trip was also my first time really being considered an adult everywhere I went and I loved it! The legal drinking age in Cuba is 18 (I just turned 18 a few months ago). So lets just say my new favourite drink is rum and coke hahahaha. If you go to Cuba, you HAVE to try the rum. Dancing on the beach with a drink in my hand has become my new favourite pastime!

OH, and did I mention there's a nude beach?!😂 I was not planning on going to the beach nude, but if that's your thing it's most definitely an option! It was truly more peaceful in the nude section, as there were no kids playing in the sand. But, you do see some things you could probably do without LOL. We actually happened to spend most of the time on the beach in that area.

at the turtle sanctuary

There weren't many options for excursions in Cayo Largo. They had some Watersport activities, but we skipped out on those and went for a tour of the 'village' in Cayo Largo. I beleive the village name is Crocodrilo. On the tour, we visited the turtle sanctuary and got to hold some turtles! (#savetheturtles) They also took us to the main area of the village, where they have a bank, a cute market, and a few small shops. They also took us to the Tabbaco House, where they sold cigars, and alcohol. The main attraction, after the turtles of course, was the the bar on the water. They gave us Mojitos for a whopping 2 pesos while we got a spectacular view of the water and all the boats docked at the marina. The Marina is where the resort takes people for the weekly All White party!

Cayo Largo's beaches leave me speechless, and I'm happy to have got to experience them myself. I remember waking up one day watching the sunset, just thinking about how much I'll miss it. Thank you to Hotel Pelicano, and all of the workers there during my stay. This trip was unforgettable. Until next time, I'll be dancing to Ragga Ragga in my dreams.😴 💃🏾

Q:Where would you want to go on vacation once social distancing/quarantine is over!?

-K.B. ☕️




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