Learning to Roller Skate

I taught myself how to roller-skate?

Roller-skates look pretty sick, right?! I love watching old videos of people busting down on the dance floor in their four wheelers; the vibe is contagious. It seems rollerskating is making a bit of a reemergence in pop culture, and I took this opportunity to try something new!

This summer, I purchased my very own pair of Impala Roller-skates. They aren't top of the line like Moxies, but they get the job done. Impala Skates are also wayyyyy more affordable! They come in all sorts of colours, and are fairly durable. I would definitely recommend these skates. (not a sponsored review hahaha) They're also made of vegan materials, which is always a plus!

At the start, I thought roller skating would be OH, so easy; and it is to a certain extent. But its definetly something to get used to. The first few times out was just trying to gain any kind of momentum I could, and trying not to fall. Soon, with determination I became more confident in my abilities. I was less afraid to fall. During this phase, I made the most progress. Sometimes you just gotta go for it!

Practice makes perfect, and im definitely not that. I could use a lot more practice😂 But, I'm getting there!

Here are a few tips I've come up with myself to maybe help you with your rollerskating experience:

- (when trying to move) squeeze your thighs and push down with your feet

- wear a helmet and knee pads

- be cautious, but don't be afraid to fall!

-the more you practice the better you'll be

-watch out for pebbles!

You Got This! -K.B. ☕️




GTA, ON, Canada