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Updated: Apr 22

Ever heard of Amazon's Mechanical Turk? It's one of my favourite things to do in my spare time! It's nice to feel like I'm being productive while I'm lazing around at home; thanks to MTurk this has become somewhat a reality for me!

On April 4th, about a week ago, I began completing small tasks called HITs on MTurk. The pay for each was little but I could see the potential for the sum of small tasks to gain a little momentum. For a few days, I spent 4-10 hours on the site working. Soon, I began to realize better working strategies. I went from an average day being about $3.00USD to an average of $6.00USD. Earnings vary depending of the amount of time you have available, and your turking skills:)

I've managed to make $38.92USD in the past week, which is equal to about $54.00CAD! This balance is redeemable on Amazon ONLY for Canadians. Good thing I love amazon! But, if you do happen to be in the US it can be directly deposited into your bank account!

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