Updated: Apr 21

My experience working from the comfort of my bed!

There aren't a lot of legit places to earn an income online, and we've all seen the ads for survey websites. I've tried probably about a dozen different ones at this point (Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, etc). But somehow, I got lucky enough to stumble upon a 100% legit site called Mechanical Turk.

M Turk is an Amazon run website where "crowdworkers" have the ability to source work from the comfort of their homes; Or in bed if you are like me.

It's no company secret that MTurk wages aren't very substantial. The tasks usually involve transcribing or answering questions about a specific topic. From my observations a task pay out ranges from $0.01USD to $25USD. While this is true, your task pay range may be higher or lower depending on your qualifications, or your rating within the website. Your rating is curated off of your successful completion of tasks on the website.

Typically, the more you work the greater the payout. Pay out is nowhere near minimum wage, and for this reason reviewers have called it slave labour. But if that's the case then why has it is reported that there are 250k+ 'Turkers' working on the site. People really don't mind doing tedious tasks in their spare time if it can make them a little side income, and I'm one of them!

I have spent the last 4 days working on various HITs; I submitted about 95 tasks, and about 40 have been approved. I the 4 days I've managed to make about $13USD. For me, surveys have averaged out to be just over $0.27USD per HIT. Although the most common priced tasks I did were around $0.12USD each, I scored a couple bigger surveys. I got one survey for $2.00USD and two for $5.00USD. I have some spare time, so I'm excited to see how much I can accumulate over the course of the next week.

The best part about this is that you can pretty much be anyone from anywhere in order to become a worker on Mechanical Turk. If you're an English speaker with an internet connection, and over the age of 18, I would really recommend checking it out! You might get lucky:)

-K.B. ☕️




GTA, ON, Canada