How Fenty Beauty Changed Makeup

Rihanna has offically revolutionized the makeup industry forever!

Everything about Robyn Rihanna Fenty screams iconic. She can do no wrong! From beginning her career with billboard chart toppers; to becoming a fashion icon; to her makeup line that was launched in September of 2017. Rihanna had everyone in the beauty community talking about her newly released makeup line that year. Literally everyone because there's something for everyone!

The original line dropped in 2017 featuring: lip gloss, foundation, highlighters, brushes, blotting papers, primer, contour sticks, mattifying powder, and lastly a sponge. There was so much to try! The beauty community was refreshed by an array of new products. There were a few stand out items, which I think truly contributed to the current state of the beauty industry. Fan favourites included, but weren't limited to contour sticks, highlighters and most importantly the 40 shades of foundation!

Kim Kardashian put a face to the contour and highlight surge in pop culture in early 2017, when she dropped her contour kits! These contour kits were in hot pursuit with eachther. But in my opinion the Fenty contour sticks were better. The packing is cute. Actually, everyone of the product in the Fenty Beauty line are beautifully packaged! Next, the shade range blows Kim K's out of the water. But the biggest difference would be formula. Fenty Beauty is easier to blend! I'm not sure wether this is due to formula, or shade range or both LOL. But, Fenty beauty takes the cake!

Killawatt highlighters had the girls going crazy! Trophy wife had cheekbones strobing, and nose bridges glowing! Highlighter is one of my favourite makeup items, and i've never used one that sparked like the Fenty Killawatt Foil highlighters! They come in all shades of the rainbow, capturing the light so beautifully. This highlighter can take any look to the NEXT level!

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me wearing the kilowatt foil highlighter

Fenty Beauty has changed the shade range game forever! The line starting off with 40 shades has broadened everyones expectations on what is considered acceptable for a foundations shade range. Inclusion of light and dark skin, and all the tones in-between can be seen in Fenty Beauty. It's not that the shades didn't exist but Fenty is affordable, high quality, and easily accessible. It's now unacceptable for a foundation line to feature one shade range only. It's beautiful to see!

Since 2017, Rihanna has dropped many more items including body lava, bronzers, blushes, and lipsticks! She continues to leave a mark on the beauty industry with every new product she releases. It's great to see a black-owned business killing it in the makeup world. Fenty Beauty has been a gift so far. With her business doing so well; Who knows what she'll do next!?

-K.B ☕️




GTA, ON, Canada