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Updated: Apr 20

From April 1 - April 31, 2020

In honour of their 25 year anniversary, Smart Serve Ontario is offering 100% free online training!

What is Smart Serve?

It's a licence/certification program designed for residents of Ontario to serve and sell alcohol in a retail setting. Basically, you need Smart Serve to work anywhere where they sell alcoholic beverages. In Ontario, it's illegal to serve alcohol without it.

What you need to complete the training:

-be at least 18 years of age

-4 hours to complete course work

-1 hour to complete the final test

-1 government issued I.D

-a webcam for monitoring during the final test

To pass the final test, you need an 80% and are given 2 attempts (you probably won't even need the second attempt). Once you pass the test, you are sent your physical copy of the Smart Serve card through the mail (takes about 2 weeks).

I did the test this month myself, and had such a smooth experience. The training was very easy to understand. It would definitely be worth your time as I know it will open more job opportunities for me! Even if you don't plan to use it... if its free there's no harm in learning a few new things.

I would definitely say it was more enjoyable than sitting in a classroom. No one would be sitting in a class room right now in the midst of COVID-19 and social distancing! But that's why this is perfect. It's a good way to do something productive from the comfort of your home while staying safe!

I'm happy to be Smart Serve Certified, and you can be too!

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GTA, ON, Canada