Growing Veggies in your Living Room: Easy Sow and Grow

Updated: Apr 7

Who else has thought about starting their own indoor garden?! Growing your own vegetables at home sounds like a good idea, but it’s not as simple as you’d think.

Check out my 3 week old ‘Sugar Daddy‘ Snap Peas from West Coast Seeds

An indoor vegetables garden is a sustainable way to eat organically while keeping occupied during the winter months. But, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that my plants would have very little time to soak in the sun during winter months in my zone (zone 9). So, I started (in the middle of December) with an herb kit from Nature‘s Blossom on Amazon.

That truly went terribly and I decided to retry again... but, taking it a bit more serious.

This time, I decided I was going to buy a plant light and a germination tray, oh and some more seeds.

I picked a few different types of feeds from West Coast Seeds, keeping in mind that I live in zone 9 on the climate map. I purchased:

- Peppermint 0.1g (approx. 1000 seeds)

- Little Gem Lettuce 0.5g (approx. 497 seeds)

- Mignonette Alpine Strawberries 0.02g (approx. 60 seeds)

- Sugar Daddy Snap Peas 25g (approx. 125 seeds)

- Tiny Tim Cherry Tomatoes 0.1g (approx. 55 seeds

Of these 5 plants I chose to plant the peppermint, snap peas and tomatoes:)

The snap peas have taken off ahead of all of my other pots in no time. At first I didn’t know why but science says

the roots produce extra nitrogen which plants need for good photosynthesis. Snap peas grow very well in damp cool soil and don’t need very much light to grow. Reading up on plant care has proved to be extremely bringing, yet beneficial.

Today, after about a month, I’m learning and watching my babies grow everyday 🌱




GTA, ON, Canada