Coping with Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 25

Caring for your mental health during the global pandemic.

The threat of COVID-19 has been fairly persistent in the media for a while now. The governments are starting to enforce their own set of rules depending on your area. But, most have started enforcing social distancing as well as quarantine for those who have traveled recently. Many people have been let go from jobs, and unemployment has skyrocketed. Who knows how long we'll be restricted for! Regardless of CERB (which I'm very thankful for), social panic ensues across many societies around the world.

Sooooooo how is everyone meant to manage their mental health during times like this? It's not easy to feel great about yourself while staying inside all day. But remember, we’re all in this together! Here’s how I’m making the best of social distancing in 2020.

Create a daily routine to follow

The days are beginning to blur already! What day is it again??? I don't know about you, but I find it hard to keep a solid sleep schedule when I'm home all the time. I end up staying up all night, sleeping all day, and eating at strange times. It's not really ideal for humans to be nocturnal😂. To prevent this, I set alarms and reminders though out the day to keep me going. It's a nice feeling to lay down in bed at night, tired, and pass out! Having a full day makes for the best sleep!

FaceTime and sporadically hanging out with friends

It gets kinda lonely staying in quarantine sometimes, so I do my best to stay social through any possible medium. My favourites are FaceTime and Snapchat. In my province, we have a 5 person limit on social gatherings. So luckily, I’m still able to chill with a friend every once in a while.

Watch Netflix and Youtube (obviously)

This is my main source of entertainment. You can't run out of content to watch, and everyday more is uploaded! There are so many things to watch from videos, to shows, to movies. I watch a boatload of documentaries in my spare time. Youtube documentaries are typically better than the ones on Youtubr. But if you’re like most people not solely looking to find a doc😂 Netflix will most definitely do the job!


I’ve decided to make my dreams of becoming slim thick a reality! I have a daily goal of 20 minutes of exercise. At the moment, when I’m exercising I do my best to make it leg or booty based, but arm day is just as important. If your goal is just to stay active, no worries. You can always go for a walk! The cool fresh air feels great.


There are endless activities to do even in your home! You just gotta find one that you like! Often that can be the hardest part. Youtube is a great outlet to find fun activities or things to try; with the help of it, I decided to restart my indoor garden!


Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read, but you just haven’t had the time? Well now we have a whole lot of extra time on our hands! Books are a great way to stay educated and entertained. It's truly rewarding to finish a good book. I’ve been wanting to finish the Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls!


There are a few different accredited online schools, where you are able to take a certificate course online! And right now Harvard, EdX, and Coursera are offering a variety of free online classes. Typically free classes will not get you a certificate of completion, but you do get to learn from the same content those who paid will! Course prices usually start from about $60.00 and go upwards. If you value education, this is an opportunity you shouldn't miss out on!



Clean, Clean, Clean! I know its not the most exciting thing... but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! It's always nice to have a clean house, so why not clean if you have the time? I feel so much more comfortable in my home when things are more orderly. Fresh linens and the smell of all-purpose cleaner are some of the most satisfying aspects of cleaning up for me😂😊


We don't always have to be doing something! Take a break from the craziness in the news and just relax! I'm enjoying the fact that we have some extra time to ourselves. It's somewhat an introverts dream. Thanks to our fast-paced society, and flex culture; it has become way harder to disconnect and relax. Sometimes all we need to do is just chill out! So sit back and relax!

Following social distancing sucks, but getting Cororna may be even worse; and I'm not willing to find out! LOL... Hopefully the need for all the social panic will subside as time goes on ,and things can resume as normal-ish. I hope summer 20' will be just as good as any other. But who knows, an event like will change the world forever!

How are you staying sane during social distancing?

-K.B. ☕️



GTA, ON, Canada