3 Ways to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Simple Instructions, for Great Results!

Loose Leaf Tea is known to be beneficial to your health in so many different ways! The absence of the teabag makes for an aromatic brew with an unrestricted flow of flavours, vitamins, minerals, and other natural compounds.

3 Methods to Brew Loose Leaf Tea!

French Press

With this method you'll need a french press! To use a french press, you remove the straining mesh, then add the desired amount of tea. After that, you will want to add your sweetener to your tea cup. After about 3-5 minutes, the tea is ready to be strained. Add sweetener if you’d like, and your tea is ready to drink!


This method uses a tea infuser. Fill your teacup with hot water. Then, add a portion of tea to the infuser. Make sure your infuser is closed tightly! Rest the infuser in the hot water for about 3-5 minutes. Add sugar, and serve!

”Grandpa Style”

This is the simplest method. Add the recommended amount of tea leaves to your cup. Next, fill your tea cup about ¾ of the way. Usually after 3-5 minutes of steeping the tea, you can strain it. Once the tea is free of leaves, add sugar, and a bit of hot water if you need. Enjoy:)




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